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"They have used their emotive vocals and dreamy soundscapes to establish themselves as a unique voice in their southwest desert home...This is a flawless display of the way good art can simultaneously make statements about the world."
-The Music Butcher

"..a moody, broody ambience decorated with cold and faraway feeling textures."
-Tucson Weekly

"M. Crane are a fascinating band who take story-telling to new heights...dashes of Muse and Radiohead flicker in and out of view, but by the end of the experience, all hints of inspiration have rightfully stepped aside – as you try to get your head around the concept, you inevitably form a connection with the sound and creative expression that is simply M. Crane. Absolutely a band worth exploring."
-Stereo Stickman

"The vocals are emotive and have a painful energy behind them."
-Electro Wow

"These guys really do have a lot going on under whirring, whiny guitars and haunting, ghostly vocals."
-Rock the Pidgeon



.:. There was never any more inception than there is now

Nor any more youth or age than there is now

And will never be any more perfection than there is now

Nor any more heaven or hell than there is now .:.

This music is honest about pain and beauty. It's for lovers, thinkers, poets, mothers, zealots and my idols...for myself and for you. Most all of the songs come from poems, inspired by Yeats, Whitman and Rilke or Dumas, Emily Brontë, Dostoyevsky, Austen and Tolkien or still Dylan, Morrissey, Van Morrison, Edith Piaf, Tchaikovsky and Chopin - whomever I'm reading or listening to, whatever I'm doing or not doing, whatever I love or hate - and whatever has heat to it gets its own music.





September 6 .:. Tucson, AZ .:. Sky Bar

September 18 .:. El Paso, TX .:. Neon Rose

September 19 .:. Albuquerque, NM .:. Insideout

September 22 .:. Flagstaff, AZ .:. Fire Creek



Nick Alexander Maskill .:. Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Nick Smith .:. Lead Guitar, Keys

Richard Lisk .:. Bass

Gabriela Lisk .:. Drums



Nick Maskill
Phone .:. +1 (520) 612-5335
Email .:.